Photos Of The Week.

Hey internet friends and family, and strangers! I hope you all are well, I’m tired and hot and sore, and my brain hurts and I’m kinda just feeling bleh. But, the key to happiness is never accepting The Bleh without a fight, so I’ve been trying something new.

I set a goal this past week to create an image every day that rhymed with the name of the day, Tuesday was Bluesday, Thursday Blursday, and so on. I managed to do it, but only just. I almost said screw it today and gave up, but I managed to squeeze one in this afternoon and I figured I might as well share some of them here. I shared each one on Instagram, but I kinda hate Instagram and I think I’ll get more satisfaction out of sharing them here. I wanted to do something every day that I felt good about, and I did find it challenging, and challenging means growth and improvement, so all around win!

Thanks for dropping by folks! I appreciate your time and attention, and I hope you all are doing great!

7 Replies to “Photos Of The Week.”

    1. Thank you! I felt silly doing it, but after I was done I felt good about it. I’ve been trying to get better at life in general, and I’m finding that setting little goals really helps. Doing something that I think is valuable every day also kinda helps the general funk I’ve allowed myself to fall into.

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      1. Hey, what is life if not a string of silly tasks we accomplish? If no philosopher ever said it, I’m saying now: life is a long line of silly things we do and feel somewhat good after having done them. Have a good rest of the week, and I hope you manage to get out of the funk!

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