Three Photos Again, Again

Here are three photos from the last week or so that I like and thought you guys might like as well.

The first one was from an early morning trek on Easter morning. I went out into the Superstition Mountains and took some photos of the desert. As I was leaving I caught this view looking away from the sun and thought it was nice.

The next one is looking up from the bottom of a dry riverbed in Florence. Florence is a small town that I visit fairly regularly for work. There isn’t much in Florence, a former WWII internment camp, Seven Circle Ks, a handful of fast food spots, some farms, some hourly-rate motels, and six or seven different prisons. Florence is not the happiest place in the world, or even Arizona, but there are some really beautiful views to be found there.

The last one is on a hill near Weaver’s Needle just off AZ State Route 88, better known as the Apache Trail. The Trail is a favorite road of mine, it’s up there with Route 66 in my book, even better that it’s so close to my house! I know I should have walked about five minutes to the top of the hill and taken the time to line up the shot, it would have been much better, but I like this one just fine, and now I know what to do first the next time I go back!

Thanks for dropping in, folks! I have been too busy to do much, but I am looking forward to having more time and energy soon!

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