The Snow Don’t Come In Central Arizona


I woke up this morning and couldn’t decide what I wanted to do on my day off work. I was torn between getting up and doing something productive – to make an impact on the world and make myself feel better, or staying in bed and watching the original Twilight Zone on Netflix all day – to reward myself for all the hard work I did during the week. I watched TV for a few hours, and eventually decided I’d go take some photos. I intended to go downtown and take pictures of people. I’ve been trying to get photos of homeless people to go with what I’ve been writing about the homeless problem, how we could make an impact if we gave time or money to shelters and food banks and the like, rather than handing out money to those that panhandle on the side of the freeway. As I was driving up toward to freeway I looked out my window and saw the beautiful coat of white stuff that was blanketing the Superstition Mountains.

I actually gasped. It has been a while since we got any real snow this close to Phoenix. It used to happen fairly regularly, the Superstition Mountains would get snow cover almost every winter, but in the last few years it hasn’t happened. I turned right rather than left, and took a five hour tour through the Superstition Mountains. I took a lot of photos, and I just got home and started processing them all.

Here are two that I was most excited to share.

Thanks for stopping in folks, have a good one!

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