I try not to think about it like that

I’ve been close to a lot of people who have passed away. I don’t know what the average number of lost loved ones is, but for a guy in his thirties I sure feel like I’ve been to too damn many funerals and wakes and memorials for people I’ve been close to.

I really try not to think about it, it isn’t at all productive. I do, however, have so many memories of so many awesome people that nobody can ever take away from me. Along with those memories, I have new experiences every day that leave me wishing I could share them with someone who is long since gone.

Sometimes it’s something funny or interesting or specific to an individual. Sometimes it’s something unpleasant and I really just long for their companionship. Whatever the reason, I often find myself conversing with ghosts. In my mind at any rate.


Here is a picture that I’ve been wanting to share with someone in particular for the last few days. She left us way too soon, but the memories I have are mine to treasure for the rest of time. I know she would be happy to see me finally making time for myself, to be doing something that makes me happy. She really liked hummingbirds, and I think she would have probably liked this picture.


3 Replies to “I try not to think about it like that”

  1. Love you! I too, treasure my memories and long to share things with those who we have lost. I’m feeling pretty lonley these days but I know I am loved my many. I only have a few months and I will be achieving something I’ve wanted for such a long time (since we were teenagers lol)

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