Mick Jagger


This is a photo of some horses.

I envy these horses.

They get to run around and poop on the ground and do whatever they want. Except for when they don’t. This photo makes me think that these guys are just wild horses out in the wilderness being free and trying to drag Mick Jagger away, but in reality they are beasts of burden. They don’t pull carts or wagons or mills or anything like that, they get ridden on by unhealthy men and ungrateful children, and generally treated as property; their burden is that of an instrument of entertainment. I’m sure these horses are well taken care of, and I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with animal ownership, as long as the owner is prudent and caring.

These horses look happy.


This horse is throwin’ a ‘what’s up’ my way.

Puts the DONK in donkey, even though horses and donkeys are different species.

Have a good one folks.

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