Got Through Another One

Yes, here it is, the obligatory New Year’s Eve post. Twenty-Eighteen is in the books! I can’t say that it’s been a good year, and I can’t say it’s been a bad year either, I guess the only thing I can say is that it has been, in fact, a whole year. Some things have changed drastically, while some things have remained remarkably the same.

It still feels like Twenty-Fifteen – where has all the time gone!?

It gets difficult to keep up with the passage of time when every day feels the same as the one before. Wake up, work, eat food, repeat platitudes, think about the good old days or look forward to something far away, distract yourself from the mundanity and procrastinate on all the impending things because you’re just not quite where you want to be; then lather, rinse, repeat. I can’t begin to tell you all the things I’ve missed out on while lying to myself about the fact that I’m on autopilot.

I don’t want to get grumpy and sappy here, I am excited about Twenty-Nineteen! New Year’s Day has always been a time to reflect on the preceding year, evaluate the things you did and justify the things you didn’t, cast some judgement on yourself and make some predictions and some half-assed resolutions. I don’t think I’ve ever carried out a New Year’s resolution successfully.

Anyway, Twenty-Eighteen is gone. This was Year One of this blog. I didn’t post near as much as I told myself I’d post, I didn’t write near as much as I told myself I’d write. I did learn some things, however, that I will carry with me into next year, and beyond.

The first thing I learned about this blog is that people prefer well thought out posts of substance over hasty, superficial posts – like this one for instance.

I learned that I need to dedicate time to writing and not just assume that I’ll get to it when I get to it. I’ve got several different projects going on and they all suffer from neglect when I take such a haphazard approach.

I learned that some people appreciate the photographs I share, which is a pleasant surprise. I intend to do much more in this vein over the next year. I am shopping around for a camera and I am working on a collection of my favorite photographs that you’ll soon be able to peruse and use at your pleasure.

Finally, I learned that sharing things on this blog is most always a pleasant experience. I spend a lot of time thinking about things. I think about all kinds of things. Some things are good, some things are bad, some things could go either way, and some things are very confusing. This blog has provided me a place to clean out some of the junk that gets cluttered up in my head, and it is usually a positive experience to hit that Publish button. I have deleted more posts than I’ve published here, and I’ve currently got a dozen drafts in various states of unfinishedness, but I feel good about the direction things are moving in and I can confidently tell you, dear readers, that there will be much, much more in the year to come!

Have a good one everybody! Happy New Year! Let’s all work together to make this year better than the one before it!



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