A few photos from the past week

Alright guys, I know you probably didn’t decide to follow this blog because you like subpar cellphone photography, but because I wrote something that struck a particular chord, or you felt that maybe if you see how NOT to do it you might gain some insight for your own work. Or something, I’m not sure why anybody would subject themselves to my writing, but I sincerely thank you for doing so. I haven’t had time lately to do much of anything, but I thought you might like these photographs.

I really like the first three, they were taken at a dry river near Florence, Arizona on Wednesday morning. The next one was taken about two hours earlier a few miles further up the river bed. The one after that is just a sunrise, followed by a bit of graffiti on a construction site in Queen Creek. The last one is a bit of holiday cheer from a pug named Pig.

Thanks for stopping by guys, I really appreciate you taking time out of your days to see what I’ve got going on. Live long and prosper.




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