Arizona Sky.


I seem to have an odd infatuation with crappy vistas. I’m not very good at taking photographs, and I’m using my Essential phone – so I’m clearly not all that interested in getting quality photos, though I have been thinking quite a lot about buying a camera, or at least a phone with a better than average sensor and software suite.

Mount Doom? Maybe Hill Calamity?

I think maybe I take so many photographs of the sky and the horizon and cactuses (cactuses is the proper plural for cactus, cacti works too, but I have an immature need to be different) because those are the only moments I’m presented with that are worth documenting. The vast majority of the time I’m either in a garage/shop with twelve inch windows twelve feet off the ground, so the view is rather bland, or I’m driving around in a big truck in an urban environment. Now, urban environments are replete with fantastic photo opportunities, but I rather doubt that my fellow motor vehicle operators would appreciate if I stopped my thirteen-ton truck every ten minutes to get out and take a photo. So, I’m left with the relatively infrequent moments when I am in an unpopulated area, when I can get out of my truck and spend a few minutes taking in the view and then capturing at least some small part of it to share with you.

Surfin’ Mojave

I have hundreds of photos in my Drive. I have been trying new things with the open camera app. Almost every single photo I take is blurry or really noisy or just not good in any way, but there are a very few that I think somebody else might enjoy.

Thanks for sharing some of these moments with me. So long and thanks for all the fish.

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