Sunrise and pumpkins

It’s really difficult to drive when the sun assaults you like this. When it’s right in that spot between the visor and the top of the steering wheel. When you can’t pull your hat brim down far enough without blocking sixty-seven percent of your field of view. It isn’t fair, why do I have to so often be driving east in this ten-ish minute window when the sun is unblockable? I think it’s a conspiracy, the government contacted my boss and told him that they are running an experiment to see if they can induce blindness in people through stress and disgruntlement/disenfranchisement and direct sunlight, and I got voluntold to be a guinea pig.


Here are a couple photos of pumpkins with pieces cut out of them and a small light inside.


It has been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday! Goodness gracious, whatever am I going to do!?

I’m tired and grumpy and my brain isn’t working. I’m currently working on a piece that I will actually get paid for and I’m trying my damndest to make sure it is good so that I can continue to get money in exchange for amazing world changing writing. So far I’m not doing as great as I could be, I’m letting my tiredness and grumpiness get in the way and I’m already behind schedule.

Have a good one guys, I hope all is well and I hope you all found some meaning in your life today.

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