I’m complaining.

Hey guys, how are you?

I’m fine. Tired. My belly is a bit full right now, we had breakfast for dinner tonight and I always overeat breakfast food. I’m a bit harried at the moment, I’ve got too much going on. I’m currently trying to decide how to divide my attention among projects. I’ve got three posts that have been sitting as drafts since last week, I’m working on a series of letters that I’d like to publish as an introduction to a conversation that I’ll be having with a special guest about the higher and lower points of reason and faith and how they interact. I’m also preparing my arguments for this conversation. I’ve got several stories in the works right now, all of them different enough to stand alone and incessant enough to jockey for position at the forefront of my mind and make it near impossible to focus on one long enough to write more than a few hundred words before I get an idea for any of the others. I’m entering my busy season at work and moving from 40 – 50 hour weeks to 60 – 70 hour weeks. I just finished moving and dealing with all the fun things that come along with that. And I’m struggling to find time to write any content worth posting here on this blog.

I’ve got unending notes cluttering all my folders, half thought out ideas and things that sound world-changing at the moment, but then when I come back to them to flesh them out I’m almost embarrassed. All in all I guess I’d rather be too busy than have nothing to do at all. I’ve been in situations where all you can do it sit and wait, nothing to occupy your time but your thoughts.

I’m not friendly with my thoughts. They tend to go in uncomfortable directions when I let them wonder unbridled. I’d rather have uncomfortable thoughts than no thoughts at all though. I can’t imagine being a person who has no thoughts.

Often I observe people being afraid of thoughts or ideas, unwilling to explore certain avenues out of fear of where they might take them. What can be gained if one is unwilling to risk a mite of discomfort? How can one learn if they never expose themselves to new ideas?

People scare me. Not people as in any particular person, but people collectively. I am afraid of where people will end up down the road if we become so insular and insulated and willing to demonize others who don’t share our own views on things that rarely, if ever, have any impact on the real world at all.

Anyway guys, I’m going to go try and get something, anything, done.

Thanks for reading. Have a good one.

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