I’m ripping someone off! or, Vegas Traffic Is Terrifying

This is the view from a motel-room window.


A motel in St. George, Utah.

One of my favorite writers posts his View From A Hotel-Room Window on his blog whenever he is travelling. You can follow him at whatever.sclazi.com, it’s pretty awesome if you’ve never been. I thought it would be funny if I did the same. No offense man, your books are amazing and your blog is amusing. Amusing in a good way. That was actually the very first blog I ever visited!

Anyway, there it is. An over-priced motel in St. George, Utah.

I took a truncated road trip this weekend.


My brother, being the awesome brother that he is, decided to take my dog, Derek Jeter. I’ve had Derek for several years and it has now come to pass that I can no longer provide a home for him. My brother and his wife, who live about nine-hundred miles away, offered to meet me halfway and take Derek. I did not want to give him up to a shelter, he’s not in the best shape and is far from a spring chicken (puppy), and that’s a recipe for euthanasia here in Arizona.  This way he gets a good, happy home and he gets to continue to share and spread joy. And I get to see him every once in a while when we visit.

I was amazed at how quickly I got to St. George from Phoenix. This trip inspired me in multiple ways. I’ve got a great idea for a new story that I think will actually be good, several ideas for things to do at home when I’m feeling blue or simply bored, and a pinky-swear style arrangement to take a family road-trip the next three-day-weekend, among other things.


This is a terrible photo of the very smallest part of Lake Mead. Derek and I both had to relieve ourselves after three-hundred miles of NO REST STOPS, so we pulled off at the Scenic Overlook and gave a little bit back to nature.


This was when I made a wish in Nevada. I was driving through the map from Fallout: New Vegas, amazed that Primm and Goodsprings are real places when I looked at my clock and this struck my fancy. I tried to take photos of Vegas from the I-15, I swear I saw the Bison Steve, but I was through and on the other side by the time I got my  phone unlocked and my camera open.

By the way, holy monkey! Vegas traffic is absolutely mind-blowing. It took less than fifteen minutes to get through downtown Vegas on the 515, but those were the most harrowing fifteen minutes this side of the Tigris and the Euphrates that I have ever experienced! I’ve got an upcoming post about my experience with Vegas traffic, suffice it to say for now that I’m glad I got through it in one piece.


This is a sad-selfie of me in my car on the way home. It’s dark because I was in a dark mood. Actually, it’s dark because the sun was above my car, but hey, it works. I miss Derek, and I miss my brother and his wife and my nieces and nephew. I’m glad I got to squeeze this trip in, and I hope I can live up to my commitment to see my family as often as I’m able.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. May the force be with you always.


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