I don’t have words

This afternoon someone very close to me took her own life.

She spent the vast majority of her time sitting in her room looking at Facebook pages and YouTube videos. She didn’t seem depressed, not especially so anyway. She was very passionate about conspiracy theories and in the past few months was spending more and more time looking into sensational online theories and narratives and less time talking to people in real life. I can’t go into detail right now, I just don’t have any words to describe the thoughts and feelings.

If there is anybody in your life that you know or even suspect might need help, please reach out to them, comfort them or care for them or simply listen to them. Even if you’re unsure, it never hurts anybody to have someone to talk to.

The more we isolate ourselves, dive into our screens, neglect our surroundings and ignore the things that actually matter, the further they slip away from us. Take every opportunity that you can to experience and enjoy life. Cherish those around you. Reach out to that old friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in forever. Forgive and forget – most of the time we have to forgive ourselves more than the others.

Life is short and time is all we have that really means anything, so make it quality time with people you love instead of down time, you can’t get any of that back. Ever.

Things only have value when we assign it to them. On the whole we, humans that is, are placing less value on life and love and family and more value on possessions and status and temporary crap.

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