Can’t get right

I spend an awful lot of time thumbing or scribbling out posts at work. Right now there are dozens of photos of handwritten tripe that I can barely read, a score of drafts-in-progress, and innumerable deleted drafts sitting in my drive. They taunt me every time I log in. I can hear them laughing at me, telling me that I just just give up now because this’ll never go anywhere and I’d be better off just reading a book than torturing myself so.

I do my best, but that clearly isn’t good enough.

Who am I kidding, I’m not doing my best. I’m lazy.

Well, they say the first part of overcoming an obstacle is recognizing it for what it is. Or something along those lines.

I’m tired. I worked twelve hours today outside and it was over one-ten.

I think I’m going to watch Electric Dreams on Amazon and eat a bowl of Cheerios.

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