Nothing to share

It has been several weeks since I have posted anything here. I apologize, dear reader, for my sloth.

I have been working seventy-eighty hour weeks the past few months. I have been dealing with very unpleasant ongoing circumstances at home. I have been physically exhausted and ill. I have been emotionally drained and apathetic. More importantly, though, I have been lazy.

I recently reinstated my Netflix subscription. My free time, outside of work and hygiene practises, has been dominated by that white screen with red lettering and that swooshing drone sound. I think it was two weeks ago. I’m not really sure anymore. I’ve lost track of the outside world. I’ve been unable to tell if I’m actually living on Earth in the early twenty-first century or Harlan’s World, or Bay City, or a New York populated with myriad super-humans and vigilantes.

The only thing I am sure of anymore is that in the future, casual nudity is as commonplace as wife-beaters and Dickies and Adidas were in my hometown in the nineties.

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