Thank You, Dear Lord, For This Sustenance.

cropped-img_20180127_162220148Terrible picture, I know, sorry.

Hanging on the wall in a Mexican themed restaurant by my house. I come here once a month or so when I’m hungry and too lazy to cook and do the clean up afterwards. The food is good, not great. This place is like a little bit upscaled Filiberto’s. I usually get a quesadilla and a couple tacos, and a breakfast burrito, sometimes a couple enchiladas. My significant other usually gets something different every time we come here. The children get quesadillas and a random menu item. Good place to go, happy to have it in my reserve.

I looked over the last time we were here and saw this picture hanging on the wall. Not sure how I feel about it, but it grabbed me and starting massaging my irony gland and I just had to share it with somebody.

The quintessential American rendering of Jesus. This picture makes me think of eating at my grandma’s house as a kid. Not eating meals, eating anything at all. I couldn’t get a fucking peanut butter sandwich without thanking our blessed creator for the nourishment and yumminess I was about to ingest, and asking him to bless my sandwich. A blessed sandwich? What the fuck?

I really want to further explore this picture, maybe a short story about a far-away civilization that has far-future technology juxtaposed against a feudal society, so they have technological wizards who bless the land for their crops with their genetech and nanotech, and these elite wizards are worshipped like gods – or the offspring thereof – by the agrarian masses…



One Reply to “Thank You, Dear Lord, For This Sustenance.”

  1. I remember a picture of Jesus that hung in my grandfather’s spare room. It scared the shit out of me growing up, had Jesus’ heart circled in thorns. Though the artist likely had good intentions, the pictures didn’t make Jesus look attractive to eight-year-old me.


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