The Journey Continues

Hello and welcome to the greatest show on earth. Well, the greatest show on my version of earth anyway. We all create fantasy universes to cope with the world outside our minds. Some are much closer to abject, objective reality than others. I’m afraid that mine tends to drift. Not so bad some days, and full blown Jack Nicholson on others. Anyway, here we are. Well, here I’ve been and then you happened to stumble along my little expression. I hope you enjoy what you read here. It will get better as time goes on. For now, I’ll just warn you that I don’t care how you feel. This is my slice of the internet – I paid for it, and you can go suck an egg if you don’t like it.

I have one hell of a story to tell.

I also have hundreds of little stories, thousands even, floating around in my head. I sometimes feel like I must be fucking crazy. I will eventually get around to telling my own story, but for the nonce I’m going to try and exorcise some of the random shit floating around in my head.

I had an awkward little website a dozen or so years ago, it was before facebook blew up, but after myspace. I think it was actually linked to my myspace page. I posted some poetry, artwork, short stories and general blog posts. It was cool. I was in love with my creation. The punk rock DIY fire was burning bright and hot, I was making my mark.

Then real life caught up with me. My wife told me I was spending too much time, wasting too much time rather, fucking around with some dinky website that only received a few thousand unique visitors over six months. I was depressed, unsatisfied at work, struggling to feed my kids and it was extremely difficult to get by. The struggle is real, and I don’t mean the fake-ass starbucks instagram gym membership struggle, I mean the white rice tap water bus ticket latch-key struggle.

I joined the United States Army and said goodbye to my foolish dreams of changing the world through art, prose and hope.

Long story. And we’re not at the me telling my story part, we’re at the welcome to my new baby part. I should have waited to go live, I have zero content ready, but I’m such a procrastinator and I think that the pressure of having a living dead website might push me along. Or not. We’ll see.

Thanks for coming, thanks even more for staying.

I’m sorry for the stock WP photos and themes and shit. Like I said, I wasn’t ready, but I think it’s the only way.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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