Three Billion Beats. Three Billion Heartbeats that is – the average length of a human life these days. It used to be half as long. In fact, all mammals live an average of one-point-five billion heartbeats. Through various means, modern medicine and industrial technologies and social paradigms among them, we have doubled our lifespan to an average of eighty years or so, which turns out to be around three billion beats of the human heart.

Recently I have rediscovered my love of writing. I have been down a long and arduous road, and at times have been on the verge of giving up. Several months ago I decided that I’d reconnect with the person that I once was, and I realised that that guy never left, he was just hidden under several years’ worth of pain and anger. I learned that through writing, something that I have loved to do since I was a child, I could let go of so many things that I had been holding on to that were in the way of me living a meaningful life.

I started taking writing seriously in high school, when I not only received praise from my teachers but also found joy in the act of creating scenarios and characters that I could examine and interact with and relate to. For a long time my closest friends weren’t people in real life, but characters I created on the page.

Then I became an adult in America, working for the man and paying bills and doing all the mundane things that we have allowed to take the place of living our lives. I stopped writing for a long time. Eventually I even stopped thinking about it, there were just too many other things that I had to think about and writing, or the desire to be writing, was getting in the way of performing all these mundane tasks.

Then my life changed. My wife was killed and my entire universe ceased to exist. Nothing mattered anymore, nothing could matter, I didn’t know how to care anymore, nothing made sense to me at all.

Years on from that I’m learning how to live again. I don’t have the things I once had, I don’t live the same way. Things are different for me.

This site is a part of my new paradigm.

My goal is to make every one of my remaining three billion heartbeats meaningful.

This site allows me to post things that I think are worth sharing. Most things I post are posted in hope of starting a dialogue, either between the reader and myself or, ideally, the reader and someone in their life.

I encourage you all to share the things on this site with the people in your life through conversation or through social media. Though I would love to have countless followers and likes, I think it would do much more for my purpose if you were all to share the things that you find of value with anybody, or everybody, else.

I thank you all for taking the time to visit my little corner of the internet. I hope you like it, I have been trying to spruce it up for you. I look forward to your comments and criticism, ideas only ever grow stronger through conversation, and I ask you all once again to share the ideas you might find here.

May the Force be with you always.


Taking Advantage of our Sensibilities

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